The 8M Process of the Christalis Avatars
Evolution towards Ascension

The Avatars wish to provide us with a pathway to go beyond the human configuration, beyond the human dilemma of ‘eat, work then die’. They wish to provide us with a way to accumulate energy, to store it and then to utilize it for our personal evolution, possibly leading to enlightenment and Ascension.

The Avatars have offered us  the 8 M’s. They are as follows:


  1. Mark
  2. Mudra
  3. Mantra
  4. Movement
  5. Meditation
  6. Maneuver
  7. Mentation
  8. Music


These powerful manifestations of spiritual action are concise and easily incorporated into the practitioners life if indeed they are serious about Ascension.

Marks are the sacred symbols that have appeared through the ages. Each Avatar is called into consciousness through the proper use of these symbols. The symbols may be used singularly in meditation (they may even spontaneously enter a meditation) or used to encode spiritual realities into the human configuration.

Mudras are hand configurations that elicit an response in our energetic field. Simple prayer hands offer a feeling of reverence. Offering hands signal receiving. When fingers are placed in certain configurations, there are very powerful responses. We use the double mudras of the Christalis Code, ( see video),  twenty hand gestures that call forth one of twenty avatar frequencies. These can be used in combinations to energize a particular lesson of power and spiritual development that occurs on the path to Enlightenment.

The next of the 8M's is mantra or sacred sounds. They may be in your language, another language or the language of light which consists of original sounds or tones that elicit a positive or spiritual response in the energetic body. Sacred chants and single tones or sounds may equally create an effect spiritually, especially if they replace circular thinking. (Circular thinking is obsessive thinking that is linked to the controller's mind.) There may be a discernible translation or meaning, however the effect on the energetic body is what truly matters. There must be a shift in frequency, energy level or consciousness for a mantra to be effective for you.

Mantras can be tonal and effect the vibration of the energy vehicle. (OM) It may also be affirmative, stating a wish for a future manifestation. (i create peace).Most powerfully, it can be declarative, linking with the I AM, the Source of all and it's quality of frequency. (I AM Love). Or it can offer a vibrational effect with obscure translation.(OM MANE PADME HUM). In the beginning was the Word and indeed the Word is Power.

Mantra can also serve as invocation and can be used to invoke the divine ritual, ceremony and through prayer. (Blessed one, come through me).

The body may employ movements that also elicit a powerful response in the body and energy field. Yoga, Tai Chi, martial arts and other physical disciplines may induce altered states of peace, energy or increased awareness.

Yet there are other movement possibilities that encode the body and consciousness with new possibilities of awareness. We call these Christalis Activations -they use symbolic movement to accord new awareness into the physical body as well as the energetic body.

Our bodies are largely used to moving in rote configurations: walking, eating, sitting. We do not consider that the body can regenerate, elevate, twist into contortions that energize and heal. Using activations remind us what we may be able to accomplish with the body and spirit. Our activations also anchor in the frequencies of Avatar energies much like the mudras do, yet in a more complex capacity. That's one of the powers of yoga - to remind the body of what we are capable of as energetic beings

More importantly, these movements entrain the energetic body to evolve, awaken and master this reality. The CC Activations are used singularly or in sequences that have a greater and deeper effect on the body, mind and spirit.

A very important aspect of the 8M process is meditation. This involves stilling the mind to make the leap out of the ordinary world and out of the circular mind which is a direct link into the controller's reality, one that entraps most of the world population. Meditation may begin with a mantra, chant or declaration (I AM). Yet it best ends with us listening deeply to the voice of the divine in whatever form it manifests. The best meditation is realized when the mind simply shuts off and the internal dialogue ceases. To do this, we must observe our thoughts and release them back to nothingness. At this moment we have the capacity to realize our connection to the Source.

Breathing is always a profound component of meditation. It can be used to silence the mind or energize the Spirit. The study of breath is usually included in most meditation practices.

The next 8M is perhaps the most illusive. It is characterized by maneuvers. In this modality, we employ the energetic body or double to perform in such a way as to gather energy or enter into states of awareness that prepare for and cultivate the entrance of the Divine. We practice these maneuvers with the physical body. We then repeat them, through the imaginal mind. As we perfect our energetic maneuvers, we are able to deliver a powerful jolt to the evolution of our spirit into the Divine. These maneuvers show us that we can expand beyond the parameters of perception to reconfigure a reality of no limitation.

Music also allows the flow of energy into deeper states, especially if they include mantras that are repeated as the practitioner meditates or journies.

The 8Ms may be combined into the mega maneuver, which will utilize stored energy and Power to make a leap in consciousness. Here we may employ a combination of mudra, meditation, mantra and maneuvers to shift our awareness towards the Divine. Here, we may accumulate the wisdom, power and energy to make our leap into Higher Consciousness.


 Copyright 2008- 2012  by Dr. Valerie E Girard


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